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Luxurious Condo for the True Connoisseurs

kent ridge hill residences

Luxurious Condo for the True Connoisseurs

Dear friends, if you’ve yet to hear the drums rolling, the old Vista Park along South Buona Vista Road (Singapore) was acquired in a major collective sale exercise by Oxley Holdings Limited for $418 million. Oxley Spinel, the redevelopers of this new housing estate have made major plans for one of the most luxurious and spacious development targeting the local connoisseurs. Named by the surrounding environment, Kent Ridge Hill Residences will have an extremely high level of quality in its architectural marvel.

Surrounded by hillocks and plentiful of greenery, the residence will have a beautiful network of internal paths, landscaped forest, children’s playground and more. There will be a very wide selection of between 1 to 5-bedroom apartments including strata titled houses to suit different budgets and family sizes.

Taking advantage of the greenery, the developers have designed the entire housing project of Kent Ridge Hill Residences to blend in with the immediate surroundings. Eco-friendly materials of Platinum Standard will be used in the overall construction phase. The common areas will have flexible ramps and elevators for the convenience of residents. The playing site will be situated in among the safest area of the housing estate so that any possible danger for your kids will be minimize drastically.

The developers have also taken into consideration that the flooring should be of top-quality, non-slippery tiles. The modular kitchens are designed so that the apartment owners will never feel cramped even in the smallest unit available. The bathroom fixtures will be bulk imported from Europe and all the electrical fittings will be of the energy-savings standard so that residents do not incur high utility bills.

Plenty of space and comfort

One of the biggest advantages of Kent Ridge Hill Residences is that all the condo units are very spacious, including the 1 and 2-bedroom type. The attached balconies that face the luxurious hillside will add to the luxury ambience within the apartments. Even if the home owners stock up on a lot of furniture and personal possessions, the efficient design of the layout is such that there will always be a lot of rooms for easy movement.


When one thinks of any home which is surrounded by hills and greenery, one presumes that they must be in a remote and inconvenient area, but this is not the case with Kent Ridge Hill Residences. The new housing project is also within a short distance away from Pasir Panjang MRT station on one side of the road.

It will be release in October 2018, get yourself ready if you want to view the showflat soon!

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