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All you need to know about pullman

pullman residences

All you need to know about pullman

Have you ever wanted to buy a top-of-the-class apartment in Singapore? I mean, Singapore is a very beautiful city and all, but you can’t really enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the country if you are not living in a beautiful luxurious residence in a prime area.

If we have triggered your interest into buying a prime residence in Singapore, you should seriously consider buying from EL Development Pte Ltd. They are introducing the first branded residence from Pullman into Singapore, a global brand with VIP privileges all around.

Here are some of the reasons:

High visibility

The entire Pullman Residences is located at 18 Dunearn Road, and all the buildings have excellent visibility. This means that you will be able to enjoy the scenery of the beautiful country of Singapore, and the hustle and bustle that makes this country a worthwhile place to live in.

Stunning views

The Pullman Residences are surrounded by both high and low-rise buildings, and this means that you will have a stunning view of the surrounding from your glass-windows, no matter which floor you are currently residing in. After all, the Pullman Residences building is designed to just combine the beauty of Singapore with the modern layout and location of the building.

Highly sought-after area

The area where Pullman Residences is built, remain in a highly sought-after locale. There are a lot of branded schools near the residential building, and many famous commercial establishments are near your future residence too. Since the area is highly sought within the community, chances are that there will be a lot of development propping up in the area soon enough.

Modern architecture

The architecture of the Pullman Residences, in each of the room is very modern, designed by the world-renowned ADDP Architects, who have been consistently developing top-of-the-grade architecture marvel for many years now.

The architecture has prestige, class and you will feel the elegance once you enter any unit. You will definitely experience like you are in a residence where nothing is impossible. If you are someone who is looking to invest most of their time into snaps for their friends or followers, the showflat interior of Pullman Residences will prove to be very vital.

Most of the texture used in the architecture is very photogenic and you will definitely enjoy taking crispy clear photos because of the adequate lightning of the room.

Premium bedrooms & food

There are 340 households in the massive tower of Pullman Residences, and each household has at least one and maximum 4 bedrooms. All the rooms in the building are extremely premium, and even though the beds are extremely comfortable, you may not want to just sleep on the first day you get here. After all, the excitement of all the lush around you won’t ever let you sleep.

The food at the Pullman Residences is exquisite, and you will not forget the experience of having 5-star graded food every single day from the lobby concierge.

Newton MRT Station

If you’re looking to meet friends or business partners, you can do that in the Pullman Residences’ MRT station, which is basically a premium lounge. This lounge doubles as an extensive rail network too.


If you are looking for a 5-star experience in Singapore, without having to sacrifice location, you should definitely consider the Pullman Residence.

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