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Advantages of Owning a Prime Freehold Condo

Freehold condo

Advantages of Owning a Prime Freehold Condo

In the past decade or so, we saw a really thriving real estate boom and many high-rise residential buildings were built and developed on our tiny island. Singapore is a small nation with limited land expansion, and yet having the sole responsibility to provide enough living spaces for such a large population going forward. Thus, owning a freehold condo in the prime area could be one of the smarter investments in your lifetime.

Owning a condo has been dubbed as the epitome of modern-day living. It is not only popular amongst small families and professionals but also among normal working citizens in Singapore.

However, you’ll have to decide on one to purchase before anything else. For this, we recommend the latest Peak Residence Official Site, developed by a joint venture between Tuan Sing and Rich Capital. It is an amazing condominium built on a redeveloped land; new owners of this residential development will inherit the picturesque view of the former Peak Court condo.

It is exclusively offered with only 90 luxurious units along with some luxe amenities and facilities within the development’s boundary.

But before deciding whether to live in a condo or not, do you know the advantages of living there?

Here are some benefits of owning and living in a condo:

·        Guaranteed Safety and Security

If being safe and secure is your main concern, then a condo in prime area will never disappoint you. A condominium has 24-hour security surveillance through CCTV cameras, one or more security guards and secured gates for preventing unauthorized entries.

In some cases, security guards patrol around the area to ensure that everyone in the development is safe and sound. It does not only assure your security but your assets security as well.

If you want to live with inner peace, own and reside in a condo sounds good for you.

·        Smartly Located on Prime Areas

Many of the freehold condos are located in smart urban areas. In other words, they are mostly built within central locations. This makes the schools, workplaces, stores, malls and public transport easily accessible from your place of residence.

In this way, you won’t need to travel long distances for any of your daily essentials.

·        Proximity to The Public Transport

Not all condos are near public transportation as most of the residents prefer self-driving in the city and they are usually near their working place. However, Peak Residence is in proximity to both train station as well as having the public buses a short walk away from home. How convenient is that?!

·        Premier Facilities

One of the greatest advantages of living in a condo is having access to premium facilities. Most of the developments have a community garden, gymnasium, swimming pool, children’s play area, BBQ area and so on.

Although residents are required to pay for the maintenance fee, but all is well worth paying for.

·        Breath-Taking View Offered at Its Best

A high-rise residential building presents a magical, breath-taking view of the whole city. But Peak Residence, a low-rise development offers you an unblocked panoramic view of your neighborhood.

You can witness the magical flickering lights of your neighbors and the breath-taking ambiance from the comfort of your own home.

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