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Advantages of Owning a Prime Freehold Condo

Freehold condo

In the past decade or so, we saw a really thriving real estate boom and many high-rise residential buildings were built and developed on our tiny island. Singapore is a small nation with limited land expansion, and yet having the sole responsibility to provide enough living spaces for such a large population going forward. Thus, owning a freehold condo in the prime area could be one of the smarter investments in your lifetime.

Owning a condo has been dubbed as the epitome of modern-day living. It is not only popular amongst small families and professionals but also among normal working citizens in Singapore.

However, you’ll have to decide on one to purchase before anything else. For this, we recommend the latest Peak Residence Official Site, developed by a joint venture between Tuan Sing and Rich Capital. It is an amazing condominium built on a redeveloped land; new owners of this residential development will inherit the picturesque view of the former Peak Court condo.

It is exclusively offered with only 90 luxurious units along with some luxe amenities and facilities within the development’s boundary.

But before deciding whether to live in a condo or not, do you know the advantages of living there?

Here are some benefits of owning and living in a condo:

·        Guaranteed Safety and Security

If being safe and secure is your main concern, then a condo in prime area will never disappoint you. A condominium has 24-hour security surveillance through CCTV cameras, one or more security guards and secured gates for preventing unauthorized entries.

In some cases, security guards patrol around the area to ensure that everyone in the development is safe and sound. It does not only assure your security but your assets security as well.

If you want to live with inner peace, own and reside in a condo sounds good for you.

·        Smartly Located on Prime Areas

Many of the freehold condos are located in smart urban areas. In other words, they are mostly built within central locations. This makes the schools, workplaces, stores, malls and public transport easily accessible from your place of residence.

In this way, you won’t need to travel long distances for any of your daily essentials.

·        Proximity to The Public Transport

Not all condos are near public transportation as most of the residents prefer self-driving in the city and they are usually near their working place. However, Peak Residence is in proximity to both train station as well as having the public buses a short walk away from home. How convenient is that?!

·        Premier Facilities

One of the greatest advantages of living in a condo is having access to premium facilities. Most of the developments have a community garden, gymnasium, swimming pool, children’s play area, BBQ area and so on.

Although residents are required to pay for the maintenance fee, but all is well worth paying for.

·        Breath-Taking View Offered at Its Best

A high-rise residential building presents a magical, breath-taking view of the whole city. But Peak Residence, a low-rise development offers you an unblocked panoramic view of your neighborhood.

You can witness the magical flickering lights of your neighbors and the breath-taking ambiance from the comfort of your own home.

All you need to know about pullman

pullman residences

Have you ever wanted to buy a top-of-the-class apartment in Singapore? I mean, Singapore is a very beautiful city and all, but you can’t really enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the country if you are not living in a beautiful luxurious residence in a prime area.

If we have triggered your interest into buying a prime residence in Singapore, you should seriously consider buying from EL Development Pte Ltd. They are introducing the first branded residence from Pullman into Singapore, a global brand with VIP privileges all around.

Here are some of the reasons:

High visibility

The entire Pullman Residences is located at 18 Dunearn Road, and all the buildings have excellent visibility. This means that you will be able to enjoy the scenery of the beautiful country of Singapore, and the hustle and bustle that makes this country a worthwhile place to live in.

Stunning views

The Pullman Residences are surrounded by both high and low-rise buildings, and this means that you will have a stunning view of the surrounding from your glass-windows, no matter which floor you are currently residing in. After all, the Pullman Residences building is designed to just combine the beauty of Singapore with the modern layout and location of the building.

Highly sought-after area

The area where Pullman Residences is built, remain in a highly sought-after locale. There are a lot of branded schools near the residential building, and many famous commercial establishments are near your future residence too. Since the area is highly sought within the community, chances are that there will be a lot of development propping up in the area soon enough.

Modern architecture

The architecture of the Pullman Residences, in each of the room is very modern, designed by the world-renowned ADDP Architects, who have been consistently developing top-of-the-grade architecture marvel for many years now.

The architecture has prestige, class and you will feel the elegance once you enter any unit. You will definitely experience like you are in a residence where nothing is impossible. If you are someone who is looking to invest most of their time into snaps for their friends or followers, the showflat interior of Pullman Residences will prove to be very vital.

Most of the texture used in the architecture is very photogenic and you will definitely enjoy taking crispy clear photos because of the adequate lightning of the room.

Premium bedrooms & food

There are 340 households in the massive tower of Pullman Residences, and each household has at least one and maximum 4 bedrooms. All the rooms in the building are extremely premium, and even though the beds are extremely comfortable, you may not want to just sleep on the first day you get here. After all, the excitement of all the lush around you won’t ever let you sleep.

The food at the Pullman Residences is exquisite, and you will not forget the experience of having 5-star graded food every single day from the lobby concierge.

Newton MRT Station

If you’re looking to meet friends or business partners, you can do that in the Pullman Residences’ MRT station, which is basically a premium lounge. This lounge doubles as an extensive rail network too.


If you are looking for a 5-star experience in Singapore, without having to sacrifice location, you should definitely consider the Pullman Residence.

Will you book The Iveria Condo project in Singapore

the iveria condo

The new-built residential projects are developing at a very fast pace in Singapore due to the growing demands. Large and leading real estate firms of today, focus a lot more on designing residential developments with outstanding amenities, drastically improving the luxurious lifestyle for new residents. There are many upcoming and exciting projects in the market currently offered by the local developers, enabling both seasoned and amateur investors to put their smart money accordingly.

They made it possible to ensure a world-class facility within the accommodation process. For homeowners looking to splurge on a new private property can consider placing their bet on The Iveria condo in Kim Yam Road, a prime asset that will cover plenty of great amenities. In fact, the project is an excellent choice for individuals yearning to reside within the town.

Making a better decision in real estate investments

There are several matters to keep in mind while splurging on any private property in Singapore, most that will help you to accomplish long-term goals. Some of these includes the location, in-house features, connectivity to other places, public transportation and the entire neighbourhood.

The Iveria condo is a new project that aims to satisfy the needs of property investors who are searching for a condo unit that fits their budgets. Furthermore, this new condo is an ideal one, accompanied by a luxurious lifestyle in our prime district 9. The project will have mostly 1- and 2-bedroom layouts that offers investors a possible rental yield profits in the coming years while investing their money. Another notable thing is that it is a rare freehold property in the prime location of Singapore.

Facilities available near Iveria

Residents of The Iveria will get an opportunity to access the latest fashion trends, Somerset MRT station, Marina Bay Financial District (MBFC), Fort Canning Park in Roberson Quay area, Great World MRT station and so forth. The arterial roads and rail networks are well connected to other places of the region like Central Expressway (CTE). It is possible to view the important surroundings such as River Valley Road and Kim Yam Road. One can even make a visit to nearby hotels and restaurants for spending the weekend with family and children. Apart from that, residents can have close proximity to hospitals and other services allowing them to enjoy life in an upgraded environment too.

How to book?

Bookings are open for the residents of Singapore in advance and they can contact the real estate developer for knowing further details. Anyone willing to get more information about The Iveria condo can send their queries online and the marketing teams will contact them at the earliest to evaluate the requirements.

People who want to invest their money wisely can buy the condo units which will help to live in a cosmopolitan area. The project plays an important role in fulfilling the needs of investors who are looking for luxurious properties at allowable budgets. It is possible to obtain information about the floor plans from the developer which ultimately paves ways for experiencing high living standards. In addition, the condo units will be well-designed with modern architectural styles that can create impact on many others.

Quality Riviere Condo along Singapore River

riviere by frasers

If you’re wondering, owning an exquisite home is what everyone looks forward to in a bustling city like Singapore. It is tough to find one or even building your very own standalone bungalow. If you love the private space and want to live freely within your home, the best choice you have now is buying a private condo. There may be multiple choices available out there but if you’re seeking out the best, Riviere condo could be the best choice available.

Apart from the quaint environment, you will soon realize the peace of mind when you begin your living journey here. It has a whole bunch of benefits to offer its residents and here is why your life here will be different, something that you had dreamt of in the past.

Eco-friendly Riviere Environment

For many, city living is equivalent to a mixed potent pollution of smog and others, but at Riviere, you will get to experience something different. It is located by the edge of Singapore river, with sky high buildings overlooking the city landscape and an unblocked view of the riverfront. The developers of this unusual mixed-use project have painstakingly conceptualized the entire development, to be integrated with additional components that includes, commercial activities on the first floor as well as the integration of some luxurious serviced apartments led by renowned Frasers Hospitality.

The residential component will be designed in a way that each home receives only the best it can pull out from their potential environment. Apart from the linked promenade, there will be a nice jogging route, walkways and arenas for your children’s fun activity. This in itself, already point you to the right direction over other possible and similar developments.

Quality Riviere Homes on a Heritage Site

While developing the project smoothly and safely is of utmost importance to anyone, extreme care has been taken to ensure every resident’s best return of their investment. It will certainly be a quality project undertaken by Frasers Property Singapore, a well-known household name.

This up and coming project is located at Jiak Kim Street and has proximity to most of the amenities required for a modern living. Apart from the ideal locale, this is also the site of the former Zouk club before they shifted to Clarke Quay, a top-ranking club that is well-known worldwide consistently over the years.

The designers of this development will also have to restore the existing warehouses that were used to house the famous club. It was built in 1919 and is a conserved property to be integrated within the entire boundary. With such a strong heritage, Riviere will certainly remain as the most sought-after condo in the coming years ahead.

Food for thought for the latest haus on handy by cdl

city developments limited

There is no doubt about it, Singapore is certainly a leading destination which offers great employment opportunities for many expatriates across various industries. On the other hand, the process of renting or acquiring a place of shelter involves several challenges and one should have some basic knowledge of the local real estate markets before committing to any contracts involving huge amount of money.

First off, City Developments Limited is one of the leading real estate developers in the wealthy city state that has seen and completed a vast number of high-end projects with great success rate since the 1960s. It has been trusted by the public ever since 1963 before evolving into the current conglomerate that was listed on the SGX.

After acquiring the hotly contested land parcel along handy road in the early 2018, the homegrown listed developer is going to build a forward luxury residence by the name of Haus on handy. It will house a total of 188 exclusively built apartments with unique features on 3 residential towers, while seeking to provide an excellent housing option to both condo investors and family-oriented profile buyers with the luxurious setting within their home.

If you’ve never owned or purchase any properties before, you may face some difficulties in making the right decision when it comes to real estate segment. Rule with your brain and not your heart is the general rule of thumb. This is due to the many temptations that can be found in a city-living environment such as the locale and convenience for leading an extravagant lifestyle.

These promising apartments in a highly acclaimed district 09 will certainly fulfill the expectations of any seasoned investors as well as the well-traveled yuppies. Take your pick carefully with the help of probably their representatives of this project that includes some well-equipped one to three-bedroom configurations. If you’re keen to explore living premises in a prime location, appointed marketing agents can be found easily on their site.

However, it is obvious that many local home buyers are leaning towards a property that provides them with easy access to major transportation. Which is exactly the identical scenario with this latest project by CDL, it is strategically tucked in a nice fitting central area that is well connected by Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, Central Business District (CBD), Marine Bay Financial center (MBFC), Fort Canning Park, Central Expressway (CTE) and so on.

Being labeled as one of the most treasured residential estate in the entire Orchard Road vicinity, we strongly believe the high take-up rate of these residential homes when they are released for sale soon.

On top of the above mentioned, they have a near proximity to many reputable institutions such as School of the Arts (SOTA), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Lasalle College of the Arts and Singapore Management University (SMU). One of the main and best attractions for private property investors with the many foreign students looking for their accommodation around the vicinity of such learning facilities. Wouldn’t you jump on it too?

Luxurious Condo for the True Connoisseurs

kent ridge hill residences

Dear friends, if you’ve yet to hear the drums rolling, the old Vista Park along South Buona Vista Road (Singapore) was acquired in a major collective sale exercise by Oxley Holdings Limited for $418 million. Oxley Spinel, the redevelopers of this new housing estate have made major plans for one of the most luxurious and spacious development targeting the local connoisseurs. Named by the surrounding environment, Kent Ridge Hill Residences will have an extremely high level of quality in its architectural marvel.

Surrounded by hillocks and plentiful of greenery, the residence will have a beautiful network of internal paths, landscaped forest, children’s playground and more. There will be a very wide selection of between 1 to 5-bedroom apartments including strata titled houses to suit different budgets and family sizes.

Taking advantage of the greenery, the developers have designed the entire housing project of Kent Ridge Hill Residences to blend in with the immediate surroundings. Eco-friendly materials of Platinum Standard will be used in the overall construction phase. The common areas will have flexible ramps and elevators for the convenience of residents. The playing site will be situated in among the safest area of the housing estate so that any possible danger for your kids will be minimize drastically.

The developers have also taken into consideration that the flooring should be of top-quality, non-slippery tiles. The modular kitchens are designed so that the apartment owners will never feel cramped even in the smallest unit available. The bathroom fixtures will be bulk imported from Europe and all the electrical fittings will be of the energy-savings standard so that residents do not incur high utility bills.

Plenty of space and comfort

One of the biggest advantages of Kent Ridge Hill Residences is that all the condo units are very spacious, including the 1 and 2-bedroom type. The attached balconies that face the luxurious hillside will add to the luxury ambience within the apartments. Even if the home owners stock up on a lot of furniture and personal possessions, the efficient design of the layout is such that there will always be a lot of rooms for easy movement.


When one thinks of any home which is surrounded by hills and greenery, one presumes that they must be in a remote and inconvenient area, but this is not the case with Kent Ridge Hill Residences. The new housing project is also within a short distance away from Pasir Panjang MRT station on one side of the road.

It will be release in October 2018, get yourself ready if you want to view the showflat soon!

The most plum property in the Singapore real estate market

8 saint thomas near orchard

The 8 Saint Thomas condo are ideal for people who love living in a developed urban centre as the area is becoming a modernised city with neighbouring developments such as Orchard and Somerset adjacent to it. Most wealthy citizens with a refined taste for luxury will be excited during their stay in this residence and shop in the nearby commercial malls that carries endless supply of high-end designer products.

To top it off, local renowned educational institutions in the district hosts the Anglo-Chinese School, River Valley Primary and St. Margaret’s Primary School that will provide your school-going kids with the best education.

Unique features about the new condo

The amenities within the 8 St Thomas are both basic and for the purpose of recreation as well as entertainment.  For recreational purposes, there are large swimming pools to cater for the water sports lovers. There is a huge playground where your children can indulge in various recreational games. The property has an indoor gymnasium to help the residents stay fit and regulate their ideal weight, especially for those that are required to lose a few more pounds.

There is a tennis court for those who love the high-intensity sport as well as grilling pits to facilitate outdoor barbeques. These luxurious residential units have everything you would need in the form of comfort and entertainment which makes them simply irresistible.

Price of the new homes

The estimated price of this development may appear to have been steep but when all factors were put into place, it is indeed reasonable and a sensible price tag due to its freehold tenure in a land scarce Singapore. The availability of such sized properties and the current prices of homes in the real estate market reflects the data as well. Latest discounted price guide has been released by Bukit Sembawang few days ago and you could lay your hands on a single bedded for just $1.4m now!


From Saint thomas walk, one can capture a clear view of the popular bars and clubhouses located right beside the Singapore River. The Robertson Quay can also be seen clearly from this area. Somerset Station is only a walking distance away and can be spotted easily. The distinct position of this new condo is so strategic that new residents can now enjoy a short walk onto the Killiney Road where it is connected to the Orchard Road – The longest shopping belt in Singapore.

The Mohamed Sultan Road is also within close proximity and also provides an array of FnB options. With this plus points, 8 Saint Thomas condo will be seen as an attractive asset now.

The Spacious Private Real Estate of Mayfair Collection

Mayfair collection

Oxley Holdings Limited – Our very own home grown Singaporean real estate developer had made a bold en-bloc purchase of the old and run-down estate at rifle range road. Formerly known as Mayfair Gardens, at the price of SGD$311 million through their private investment arm, Citrine Property. Big plans were in place to demolish and rebuild the entire private estate into an ultra-luxury housing project in full Asian wellness concept by the architects.

The Mayfair Collection will have a winning & stunning architectural design, coupled with some tastefully fitted luxury apartments in this latest project along dunearn road. The subject site of this private condo development will be gracefully surrounded by lush green verdant oasis and a beautiful network of well-spaced building structures.

The entire new estate will have wide enough options between a spacious single-bedded to a large 4-bedded condo unit. Each unit will be fitted with the latest smart home living device, an integrated technology that defines the modern luxury lifestyle living. With the added enhancements, there will be plenty of usable space set aside for large families to live in comfort. On top of that, tall and aged trees lined with plenty of greenery awaits you from the balcony and bedroom of your home.

Oxley were well known for their desirable lifestyle features and stylish designs of every single development that they embark on. They took pride in the things they do and have maintain a strong team in planning the actual layout of building structures. In a way that even the senior citizens having health problems will find the approaching route and turns, entrances and elevators easy to use with ease. Not forgetting a safe playing compound for the children within the residential development too. Therefore, each and every home in the Mayfair Collection condo is a wonderful combination of both luxury and comfort.

Apart from the above mentioned, the well-being of every resident is also taken care of. There are countless people out there who are constantly mindful of their own daily food consumption and eating habits for a healthy living. A unique farmer’s market in the vicinity provide such an option where daily fresh produce can be found in every corner for the organic conscious. Besides eating healthily, you can also stay healthier with the many walking and jogging area around the proposed Mayfair Collection development. The vast greenery from the green corridor ensures fresh air around your residence too!

Heritage with a Modern Twist – Stirling Residences

In the year 2017, a fascinating news was heard in Queenstown Stirling Road. It was a special day for investors, couples and home hunters. The land parcel where Stirling Residences will be developed was officially launched by the Government Land Sales (GLS) Programme. This new condo project will be developed in the prime District 3, identified as both exciting and super stylish by market watchers.

It will feature skyscraper towers with million-dollar skyline view for the residents and you will have a panoramic view of the Sentosa and hilltop landscaping scenery. Developers of Stirling Residences strongly believe that these are the key selling features of this billion-dollar project. After all, it was designed to attract investors and young families across the board.

About the Development: Stirling Residences

It is an iconic development. It revolves around modern architectural methods and trends. The towers are beautifully designed in Stirling Road, a matured and established neighborhood. As you explore Stirling Residences, you will stand in awe of the amazing architecture. You will be awestruck by its sense of luxuriousness and ample space. The entire project was developed with space and luxury in mind for the future owners and this is what makes the development special. Home seekers choosing Stirling Residences will certainly enjoy their stay in the residential boundary. Especially after a day of toiling at work, this will be a wonderful place for you to relax with no turning back.

Amenities and Facilities around

What makes them unique will be their amenities and facilities. In and around the development, you would come across many important amenities. For instance, you have a couple of supermarkets near the residence. Such as the nearby NTUC Fair Price and Cold storage @ Anchorpoint. If you are concerned about traveling around, fear not as there will be a few crucial bus stops and Queenstown MRT near your home.

Academic Institutions nearby

Young couples and families planning to invest in residential homes always placed schools and higher educational institutions locale as an influencing factor. It helps them to decide if the development is worth their time and money. Stirling Residences is an excellent choice for those in need of academic institutions as there will be several renowned primary & secondary schools nearby in the community. This includes Queenstown Primary, Bukit Merah Secondary, New Town Primary, Queensway Secondary, Gan Eng Seng Primary, Queenstown Secondary and so on.

A Great Investment Option: Stirling Residences

Overall, Stirling Residences is a wonderful upcoming investment option for families, investors, and young married couples. There is so much to expect from this project. A modern condo development that reflects style, luxury and convenience in every viable way. This billion-dollar project will be managed by a renowned architectural and builder team in Singapore. You won’t have to worry about the quality or timeline promptness from both Nanshan Group as well as Logan Property Holdings. It is one of their strength and they will showcase the heritage of Queenstown with a modern twist.

Fear of Missing Out on Newly Developed Amber 45 Condo in Singapore

Is there a real fear of missing out on Amber 45?

Is there a fear of missing out on newly developed condos in Singapore for potential home buyers? It doesn’t seem that way when homebuyers are very optimistic about the latest private residential market. The demand for private housing ownership will still be exceptionally high for these new luxury condos that are on the market and especially new developments such as Amber 45 Condo at Amber Road. Reasonably-sized condo units around Singapore are still the most popular type of private housing throughout Singapore, even if there’s a fear of missing out on newly developed condo developments, there will always be a demand for developers to build new ones on purchased land here.

Many home buyers want Amber 45 Condo

Many new potential home buyers want to live in areas of Singapore that is convenient to where they work, live and play. The desire for a new condo unit is highly favourable for those places that are close-by. With the rise in new condo developments like Amber 45 located at 45 Amber Road, developers are stretching their condo developments around Singapore to provide potential home buyers more options in many different areas with condo projects that can fit their overall residential living needs. Right now, the Singapore housing market is showing a healthy pickup and many factors are contributing to this upturn.

However, despite changes to the market, there will always be the underlying demand for real estate.  Private home buyers looking to purchase new condo apartments in Singapore are getting out there searching for nice developments so that they can live in convenience, and this is why they might fear missing out on the right condo unit. Also, space could be another key factor as to why potential home buyers are fearing on missing out on prime new developed condo units. Although, for people looking to get more space or even downsize their condo living units, the optimism is certain as they can see a larger number of new developments underway around Katong neighbourhood.

The numbers showed developers keeping up with demand

While there is an expected growth in homebuyers looking for condo realty in 2018, private home transaction is expected to rise by up to 25 to 30 % and the biggest need for newly developed condos will be the need for more space as the population grows in Singapore. The need for 2 or more-bedroom condo will be imminent for the increased number of citizen as well as people migrating to the Singapore area. Singapore is highly popular for upscale real-estate and people have realized it.

The fear of missing out on newly developed condo realty may lie in the fact the population continues to grow in Singapore, even when people move out of Singapore. Last year’s numbers showed in its entirety for real-estate purchases, especially inclusive with new developed condo units, in 2017 the first 11 month of property sales had seen an increase of around 32%. This is expected to rise up to around 40 and 60% by the end of 2018 on a two-year scale. Also, with new development underway there really isn’t a need to fearing on missing out Amber 45 as developers are effortlessly keeping up with the demand of potential condo buyers living and moving to the Singapore area.

Good Deals Coming to Artra Soon


Where else besides our little red dot Singapore, will you be able to find an open public tender for a piece of land parcel where it is designated for residential use to receive more than 10 bids from keen developers? You will probably see it over here and some other smaller countries perhaps. Well, this piece of land site is located at Alexandra view, along Alexandra road. It is also very well positioned to be sitting right next to the Redhill train station where it is running on their green coloured east west line among others.

The site was well received by the best developers in Singapore due to the attractive locale as it is strategically situated. At the same point of time, the encouraging bids coming from so many builders also reflect on the positiveness as well as the confidence in the local property market.

It was eventually awarded to Tang Skyline Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Tang Group of Companies, at the purchase price of $376.88 million, a neat $851psf per plot ratio as reported by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA). With such an aggressive bid by the real estate firms, it goes to show the hunger and the desperate bids in securing good land sites for developments.

As the saying goes, “if a housing developer is without any land parcels for developing homes, it is as good as being a public bank without any money in their huge vault”. No?

The developers involved have since named the project site as the Artra before undergoing the first phase of construction. It will not only be an ordinary condo development that you can see on the streets, but a nice and useful mixed development adjacent to redhill mrt.

Artra has a building plot ratio of 4.9 and it will be a very high rise residential project, prominently in the entire redhill neighbourhood. Sitting on a land area of about 90,000 square foot, it will be built to a staggering height of 44 storey tall. There will be 400 luxurious dwelling units waiting for you to call it as your home, a spacious 2-bedroom unit of nearly 800 sq feet to almost 2,600 sq feet of 5-bedroom for big family size. Ironically, you will not be able to see any 1-bedroom here as developer are not building as single bedded unit as well as 4-bedded apartments.

Even if without both one and four bedded residence, there are plenty to be rejoice about as you won’t be seeing “mickey mouse homes” within your entire building. Generally, single bedroom is to be used for rental and thereby attracting a higher living density in your development. Something which may not be as comfortable for some residents when you see many different tenants moving in and out as time goes by.

Nevertheless, if you are keen to buying a private property in District 03, Singapore. There is some good news as Artra will be having a special deal for prospective buyers soon. Go ahead and look for them from the above address if you want to find out more.